Post-graduate Master Program in “Mathematical Methods and Models for the Management of Data and Complex Systems”



PARTICIPANTS Minimum 12 – Maximum 25

POINTS OF DELIVERY In-person at University of Salerno. Other points of presence north/central Italy (to be announced later). In streaming.

In the academic year 2022/23, the educational offerings of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Salerno will be expanded thanks to the establishment of the post-graduate master program in “Mathematical Methods and Models for the Management of Data and Complex Systems.”
The proposal of the 1st edition of the Master’s program was stimulated by increasingly stringent motivations, driven by the market, related to the need to train qualified professionals with skills in modeling, data analysis, knowledge of Machine Learning, simulation, and mathematical optimization.
In fact, in the era of the Algorithm Economy, companies and government agencies are finding it difficult to identify people with skills to lead and develop projects in the various technical contexts of Artificial Intelligence. It is therefore essential to empower young people to achieve high skills in analysis and model development, and make sure that they know how to drop them into real, often complex contexts.

The Master’s program will enable holders of Master’s and Master’s degrees in scientific subjects (both recent graduates and graduates already in the working world) to improve the skills acquired in their university studies, integrating them with knowledge about mathematics for artificial intelligence also obtained through practical training in companies. Teaching activities will be carried out by lecturers and tutors from the University of Salerno and the companies involved, with multidisciplinary mathematical, computer, business, statistical and business process-oriented skills.

Access to the Master’s program involves an admission procedure that focuses on the evaluation of qualifications and an interview on topics related to the contents of the Master’s program. The number of students admitted will fall between 12 and 25, with the possibility of providing 12 scholarships for the most deserving.

The work plan includes theoretical lectures and computer lab exercises, to be held in a mixed mode i.e., in presence or at a distance, to also allow the participation of students residing in locations distant from the Fisciano Campus of the University of Salerno. The three didactic phases are oriented toward fundamentals for modeling complex systems, data analytics, mathematical models for complex systems.
Internships in companies or university laboratories, other activities (seminars, internships, study visits), and the final exam complete the Master’s course.

The Scientific Committee consists not only of university professors, including Prof. Raffaele Cerulli, Director of the Department of Mathematics, but also of representatives of the corporate world.

Several companies and organizations have already expressed interest and others have guaranteed operational support for the Master’s program. These include Research Wings, Math Biology, NexSoft, the Decision Science Alliance (a nonprofit organization that promotes decision science internationally).