DSA Masterclass

Improving Decision Making in Agile Organizations

In the fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, the ability to make well-informed and agile decisions is paramount. To equip individuals and organizations with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in this endeavor, the Decision Science Alliance (DSA) takes great pleasure in introducing its inaugural DSA Masterclass, aptly titled ‘Improving Decision Making in Agile Organizations, in collaboration with SUPSI, Project Management Ticino Association and Agile Lab Ticino.

November 20, 2023 / 14.00 – 19:00 (CET)

SUPSI – Polo Universitario Lugano

Campus Est, Via la Santa 1 CH-6962 Lugano – Viganello

ROOM D1.11

90 CHF


14.00 Decision Science: a New Transdisciplinary Challenge for Aware Decision Making in Complex Real World Contexts Emanuele Carpanzano, Director of Research Development and Knowledge Transfer, SUPSI

14.20 Introduction Agile lab Ticino Christian Burkhalter, President Agile LabTicino

14.50 Agile Culture e Lean Thinking Maria Cristina Galgano, Ceo Gruppo Galgano

15.30 Coffee Break & Networking

16.00 Right journey and good practices to effective data usage Mario Dellagiovanna, Six Sigma & Statistical Process Control Gruppo Galgano

16.40 Making Decisions in Contemporary Agile Enterprises: Incorporating AI, End to end Process Automation and Collaborative Instruments in Data Rich Organizations Massimo Mistretta, Co-Founder & CEO Exentriq

17.20 Conclusions

17.50 Q&A

18.00 Apéro

Key Outcomes

  • You’ll receive your Improving Decision Making in Agile Organizations Certificate of completion via email as a downloadable PDF within 1-2 weeks of completing the Masterclass. Certificates are configured for uploading and sharing on LinkedIn.
  • Sharpening advanced decision-making skills to steer strategic direction effectively.
  • Cultivating data-driven leadership and adaptability.
  • Ensuring triumph in project endeavors through data-informed decision-making.
  • Proficiently incorporating cutting-edge technologies like AI and automation into your workflows.
  • Spotting and eradicating inefficiencies in business processes through Lean principles.
  • Navigating projects with enhanced flexibility by leveraging Agile methodologies.

Learn directly from industry leaders: Meet the Speakers

Emanuele Carpanzano, Director of Research Development and Knowledge Transfer, SUPSI

DSA Co-Founder ad Board Member and Director of Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. He managed numerous R&D initiatives at international, national and regional level, as well as industrial research and knowledge transfer projects. He is active in different federal and international associations and institutions dedicated to education, research and innovation programs and initiatives.

Christian Burkhalter, President Agile LabTicino

With over two decades of experience in HR management, Christian is a seasoned professional. He excels in coordinating global HR teams across the US, APAC, and SEA, overseeing recruitment, internal mobility, budgets, employee development, and talent initiatives. Christian’s leadership extends to strategic support for the CEO and general management, managing diverse projects related to culture, change management, reorganization, talent development, digital transformation, continuous improvement, and social responsibility, all with a Lean and Agile approach. His unwavering commitment to HR’s digital transformation drives his career.

Maria Cristina Galgano, CEO Gruppo Galgano

Maria Cristina,  a leading figure in Management Consultancy and Managerial Training, serving several leading Italian private and public enterprises. A Major Expert in the field of Toyota Production System and Total Quality, she has been carrying out several important Lean Transformation Project with a significant impact on Cultural Change  and Operational Excellence. Author of several Books on Toyota Culture , she has also supported the publication of several important books on lean Management.

Mario Dellagiovanna, Six Sigma & Statistical Process Control Gruppo Galgano

A seasoned professional with a background in Physics from the University of Pavia, has been a Senior Consultant at Gruppo Galgano since 2015. He holds the esteemed certification of a 6 Sigma Master Black Belt, demonstrating his expertise in process improvement methodologies. As a skilled trainer, Mario imparts knowledge in various domains, including 6 Sigma, Problem Solving, Project Management, Data Analytics, and Process Analysis.

Before his current role, Mario held pivotal positions in process improvement and research and development (R&D) projects within photonics and microelectronics companies such as DNP Photomask Europe, Corning, Pirelli, and ST-Microelectronics. His experience and qualifications make him a valuable asset in driving efficiency, quality and innovation in diverse industries.

Massimo Mistretta, Co-Founder & CEO Exentriq

With over 20 years of management experience, Massimo has designed and successfully executed the launch of numerous technology centric products with consistent achievements across multiple industries. Massimo specializes in Signal Processing, Video over IP Technologies, Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation, Machine Learning Systems and Large Scale Computing Infrastructures, his strategic vision has played a key role in several successful international startups from concept to market, and the digital transformation and innovation programs of well known large scale enterprises including Fortune 500s. Successful collaborations include popular brands such as  Fastweb, NEC, Zeiss, Walmart, Ferrero.

Currently serving as CEO for Exentriq Ltd. and CISO for PlanetFarms. As lecturer teaches Adaptive and Sustainable Organization Management at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland Department Innovative Technology

Raffaele Maccioni, DSA President

Entrepreneur-manager focused on building initiatives from research to create tangible market value. Electronic – Control Engineer from the Polytechnic of Milan. Over 25 years of experience and passion for analytical models and algorithms applied to complex systems. Raffaele is now leading and supporting as R&D Executive a few companies and entrepreneurship initiatives.