Game Theory: Play to bear complexity

Dive into the strategic world of game theory, a realm where economics meets psychology, exploring how rational actors make decisions in competitive and cooperative scenarios. This fascinating field, pioneered by luminaries[…]

Pilot Training: complexity of the human-technology sinergy. The Humai Research perspective.

In this edition of IDA, Luca Lisci sits down with Giacomo Belloni and Fabrizio Interlandi, the pioneering minds behind the HUMAI Research project, to unravel the intricacies of aviation training in[…]

So the personal is the social: systemic thinking. The personal research of Gianluigi Merlino.

In an insightful conversation, Luca Lisci explores with Gianluigi Merlino the impact of systems thinking and the critique of artificial intelligence. Merlino shares his personal growth journey, emphasizing the critical role[…]