There’s new Cat in Town. Interview to Piero Savastano, Cheshire Cat, The Open Source AI Assistant Framework

Piero Savastano, in an interview with Luca Lisci, shares the inception story of the Cheshire Cat, a project inspired by the potential of AI language models. Initially a tutorial to demystify[…]

Decision Science in the Age of AI: Embracing the EU’s Ethical and Risk-Based Approach

Europe’s AI Act sets a global standard for regulating Artificial Intelligence, focusing on risk, safety, and transparency. This initiative, closely watched by the Decision Science Alliance, aims to ensure the ethical[…]

Decision Science Selected Trend for 2024, by IDA Editorial Team

The IDA Editorial Team outlines three decisive trends for 2024: the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in supply chain management, a heightened focus on sustainability and ESG metrics, and a strategic overhaul[…]

DSA Meets Partner Companies: Interview with Daniele Panfilo, AIndo platform that generates synthetic data for AI development

Daniele Panfilo, co-founder of Aindo, transitioned from engineering and data science in medical and insurance sectors to entrepreneurship. Aindo pivoted from AI consultancy to producing synthetic data as a privacy-respecting solution[…]